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NODMA cup washer sink lets you feel the charm of high technology!

NODMA cup washer sink lets you feel the charm of high technology!

Many people around me recently complained to me that the cleaning of cups and milk bottles at home is troublesome and they don’t know what to do. Today, I introduce a high-tech product, that is, the NODMA cup washer sink. Life experience tells us that if we don’t wash the cups in time after drinking fruit juice and coffee, it’s difficult to clean the stains after the water is dry; Some cups are too high to clean the inner bottom layer; Some cups have narrow mouth, which is difficult to wash deeply to ensure cleanliness. In the face of a variety of cups and bottles, how to easily clean the residual inner wall of the cup? This cup washer sink is designed by Lombardia, a famous Italian craft manufacturing house, and specializes in dealing with the stains of all kinds of cups.

Start the high-pressure nozzle to flush the inner wall and clean it quickly. It will rush up from the central nozzle in all directions and vigorously flush the cup wall. Because the nozzle is located in the center, all kinds of narrow mouth thermos cups, milk bottles and champagne cups can also be washed directly. If we wash with detergent or hot water, we can go directly to the place where we can’t clean by hand, and the effect will appear directly. Moreover, the faucets are equipped with digital display function, and the LCD screen can display the water temperature and water quality respectively, so that the kitchen water can be more assured.

The console controlled launching device is convenient and free, which really liberates the trouble of contacting oil pollution with both hands.

This high-tech cup washer sink is suitable for cleaning all kinds of open glass, plastic cup, thermos cup, coffee cup and pint cup.

Post time: Oct-14-2021