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What is the most durable material for kitchen sinks?

What is the most durable material for kitchen sinks?

A kitchen sink can make our break the entire look and functionality of a kitchen. If you are in the middle of designing a new kitchen or renovating your old kitchen, a kitchen sink is an investment you need to make wisely.

Brand, Design, and, materials used in manufacture, out of these 3 factors, the material used in the manufacture of the sink is of prime consideration.

With tons of different brands, and a huge variety of designs and materials available in the market, making a choice can be very confusing. However, fret no more, as we have compiled thorough research on all the materials used in the manufacture of sinks.

Depending on your sink usage, preferences for the sink’s visual look, and your budget you need to make sure that you are investing in a long-lasting, strong and extremely durable material.

Without any further explanation let us jump into the foundational materials used in the manufacture of kitchen sinks.

Types of sinks materials:

A sink’s material is also important because it will be the most used commodity in your kitchen hence it should be durable and strong enough to last you a good amount of time.

A sink is meant to stay with you for a considerably long time which makes it a one-time investment so it requires detailed research before finalizing this kitchen buddy.

Before we decide what is the most durable material for kitchen sinks, we need to take a deeper look into the list of materials used in the manufacturing of sinks.

Stainless Steel Sinks:

Sitting on top of our list this is the most Old school and all-time favourite type of sink. Most of us have grown up using these sinks.

Not only are these stylish and durable but also very cost-friendly. Stainless steel sinks have been modernised over time and the quality of the stainless steel used has improved through leaps and bounds over the past few years.

You get a huge price range to choose from ranging from very low-quality sinks for short-term use from up to 100 $ and then extremely lavish high-end stainless steel sinks with a cost ranging anywhere from 900$-4000$.

Granite Composite Sinks:

Granite sinks or granite composite sinks are the closest relatives to the more posh and elite material, the natural stone. This is one reason behind the increasing trend of using granite composite sinks to give a more lavish look to the kitchen.

A mixture of Granite stone dust or quartz stone dust and acrylic resins is moulded under high pressure and heat to put together this closest alternative of using the mother earth without actually moving it.

Granite sinks, composite sinks, and composite granite sinks were designed to replicate the more expensive natural stone and hence are far more expensive than a regular stainless steel sink or a porcelain sink.

These sinks come in a wide range of textures and colours and are more commonly used by people who can afford a healthy budget and are more conscious about the colour coordination inside their kitchen.

Ceramic/ Porcelain Sinks:

This is yet another common and more traditional type of kitchen sink. A good choice for people who love vintage stuff and look forward to nipping extra points for recycling and reusing stuff.

Ceramic like composite granite is a more natural material. The raw clay is moulded and kneaded to give it the sink shape which is then transformed into a cleaner, neutral, and smooth textured ceramic sink.

These sinks come in all shapes and sizes and can complement any place be it a dull pale aesthetic or a vibrant, colourful decor. However, these sinks are very heavy and will need additional support. They can also get scratched if mishandled and cannot resist stains to any brilliant level.

Ceramic sinks have a fair durability value, however, they might not be considered exceptional as compared to granite composite sinks or stainless steel sinks.

Marble Sinks:

Marble with all its glamour and luxury has made its way into our homes and now to the sinks and kitchen counters as well. A marble sink, very much like its earthly neighbours’ granite composite and ceramic, is not on the budget-friendly side.

However, the elegance this material adds up in the kitchen might just be worth the money, but you do need to bear in mind that the cost of mere installation of a stone sink can be as much as 600-900$ which almost is the purchase price of a high-end stainless steel sink.

Despite its high cost and glamourous aura Marble sinks are fairly porous and can be very prone to stains and scratches. you can reduce the scratches by sealing the marble surface. this adds up to the total price of this sink.

Not to forget the precautions and careful measures you need to always pay heed to, careless thrashing of dishes in a marble sink can leave you with a pile of broken crockery.

These sinks are easy to clean and you will save a great deal of money as marble doesn’t require you to go that extra mile purchasing the mild cleaning products, like its other stone cousins.

Copper Sinks:

This is yet another luxury sink. it comes in both smooth and hammered finish and you can choose from a variety of shapes. The best part about this material is that copper being very hygienic is a bacteria repellant a sink that is anywhere near 99% copper to 1 % zinc even less (however this is the composition of a good copper sink) can kill 99.99 % of bacteria. this sink will always be on a military mission to kill germs and how cool is that!

Cost can range anywhere within 900$-1500$. This sink is highly durable and is a posh choice as well.

Fireclay Sinks:

Fireclay is created by combining clay and glaze under special conditions, this results in hardening without which the sink will not be able to withstand the weight and bumps of heavy metal pans and pots.

Cost can range from anywhere between 400$- 3000$ depending on the brand, design and quality of the iron clay used.

These are heavy and will need extra support.

Cast Iron Sinks:

Cast iron is an iron alloy which when coated with porcelain or enamel and subjected to blazing flames forms cast iron. These sinks are more like porcelain/ceramic sinks when it comes to the aesthetic. If you are a vintage loving person this sink type can provide you with a great vintage aesthetic vibe in your kitchen.

These are highly durable but are very much likely to get stains and scratches so you need to handle these sinks with extra care.

They are reasonable as compared to their other stone counterparts but the heavyweight and porous surface requires annual maintenance. the installation itself is big trouble with the weight of these sinks.

Solid Surface Sinks:

These sinks should only be considered when you are someone who rarely uses the kitchen. the material of a solid surface sink is an acrylic resin that is highly porous and hence is very prone to severe discolouration as well as scratches and stains.

this material is extremely sensitive to high temperatures so beware of putting hot plates and pans on it.

A major pro however is that this sink is durable and very cost-friendly you can buy it for even 150$ and the perks of easy installation help you save money by doing the installation all by yourself.

Which type of sink is the most durable?

Out of all these above-mentioned types of sinks we have shortlisted the two most durable sinks of all time. Known for their distinctive features, stainless steel and granite composite sinks have always been tough competitors.

We decided to narrow down our list of the most durable sink material by drawing a comparison between both the rivals.

Stainless Steel Sink vs Granite Composite Sink:

A clean stainless steel sink vs granite composite sink analysis will make it easier for you to choose the best of the best.

Cutting it short, let’s dig deeper into the pros and cons of the two sinks to get a clearer insight.

Stainless Steel Sink Pros:

when it comes to the durability factor, stainless steel sinks definitely set the benchmark. they are extremely durable, look incredibly stylish and go well with all kitchen interiors.

Stainless steel sinks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so you can now get a standard single bowl, double bowl and even a half bowl stainless steel sink, depending on your socket space.

One of the major stainless steel sink pros is that these are very cost-friendly also they offer a vast price range so you can choose from anywhere within an average low cost of 100 $ and a high cost of up to 4000$ depending on your budget. Now, how remarkable. isn’t it?

Usually, kitchen sinks are very prone to damage if exposed to abrasive substances like hydrogen peroxide, harsh chemicals and other such things, but with this particular sink type, you don’t need to worry much about any such issue as you can use your regular kitchen cleaner, dish soap or bleach to clean and scrub the surface. a gentle massage of baby oil will bring back that glossy finish in a matter of seconds.

Another major pro of a stainless steel sink is its excellent heat resistance. The enormous heat tolerance makes the stainless steel sinks strong enough to withstand high temperatures without leaving a mark on the sink surface itself. You can use hot soapy water to wash off any greasy pots and pans and can put hot pans in the sink without worrying about bubbling or peeling off of the sink surface.

Stainless Steel Sink Cons:

Alongside its list of many benefits, there are a few cons associated with this sink type.

Although it works well with most of the kitchen interiors yet might not be the right choice if you are interested in a sink with a certain texture or colour to match your kitchen interior.

Low-quality stainless steel sinks can be very noisy so it is important to invest in good quality if not a high-quality stainless steel sink. Also, the surface might get scratched and stained as stainless steel sinks are not very stain resistant or scratch resistant. However, the stains can be washed away with any detergent or cleaner and the scratches are usually covered up by the shiny surface and will only be visible if you specifically are looking for them.

Granite Composite Sink Pros:

If you are someone who loves to enhance the aesthetics of their kitchen by incorporating unique textural and colourful elements these composite granite sinks will just prove to be the ideal choice for your taste.

As compared to the stainless steel kitchen sink a granite composite sink offers a massive variety of colours and styles. You can choose a sink that complements your granite countertops.

Also if you crave an organic and more natural lifestyle, you can look forward to this blend of materials. Carved from mother earth each piece of granite has its unique texture and design which can add value and elegance to your kitchen.

This material is very eco-friendly so you will need to use natural products all from your kitchen cabinets as composite sinks don’t fancy being treated with chemicals.

Subjection to the high pressure during its manufacturing process makes a granite sink exceptionally durable, non-porous, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. the most modern types of granite composite sinks are manufactured by a computer-controlled polymerisation casting process which gifts it with sheer strength. So no matter what may happen but such a granite composite sink will never lose its shape. In addition to that, it will be extremely scratch-resistant.

Difference between Granite sink and Granite Composite sink:

You must be wondering how is a Granite sink different from a Composite sink?

Well, we got you covered for this one.

There are a couple of different things causing them to be different and the most important of them all is the sink material.

When granite stone dust is moulded under high pressure with acrylic resins the resultant is called a granite sink but when the same resins are moulded with Quarts stone dust instead of Granite the product is a composite sink.

Composite granite is a blend of about 95% natural stone blended with 5 % resins under high pressure and high temperature which gives it extreme durability and strength.

Granite Composite Sink Cons:

This sink has a few cons worth mentioning, as overlooking them might result in all your hard-earned money going down the drain which is not cool. Granite composite sinks are not much budget-friendly you will have to spend a wealthy amount to buy and then to maintain this sink type.

As much as the eco-friendly nature of this kitchen sink is a pro it can equally be a con. the granite composite surface is very sensitive to chemical and harsh substances. If you don’t want your sink to start peeling off or to start bubbling then you would have to treat it like a baby, using only organic products like diluted vinegar, warm water and such other materials.

Its non-porous surface will require regular sealing which can cost you a great deal of money, in the long run. These granite kitchen sinks have a very hard surface and you have to understand that no matter how much you care for the sink at the end of the day it still has to bear the daily usage from your entire family. You can no longer afford the careless thrashing of dishes in the sink or you will end up with a lot of broken crockery.

Though very heat resistant, it can not compete with the exceptional heat resistance of good old stainless steel. In short, the Granite composite sink requires extra care which in a broader perspective is very difficult to maintain.

This material is super heavy and so will require extra support and installation cost.

Is stainless steel sink better than granite sink?

Considering all the pros and cons of both sinks, it is safe to say that stainless steel is better than a granite composite sink.

It is the most durable, heat resistant, lightweight, easy to maintain, clean and above all most cost-friendly out of all the above-mentioned sink materials.

It may not have a variety in colour but its silver shiny surface is well-adapted to all sorts of kitchen interiors and gives a royal touch to your kitchen.

Unlike composite granite sinks, stainless steel kitchen sinks can be in two finishes you can opt for a glossy or a matte finish.


in conclusion, both stainless steel kitchen sinks and granite composite sinks out of all the above-mentioned sinks are the most durable ones. However, the stainless steel sink has a slight edge over the Granite composite sink if you mark them based on how durable they are.

Your end decision should be based on your personal opinion. if you wish to have a durable strong sink, in contrast with your kitchen colour scheme or if you like a more nature-oriented, eco-friendly kitchen look and are not much bothered by the cost, then composite granite might just be your cup of tea.

however, if you are on a budget and are looking for excellence in terms of durability and heat resistance, all you are looking for is a good reasonable stainless steel kitchen sink.

Post time: Mar-22-2022